About Us

We are members of Gracepoint Berkeley, a church located in the San Francisco Bay Area.  We began the Elderly Care Ministry in 2008 to bring Sunday worship services to nursing home residents.  We currently hold weekly Sunday services at five local nursing homes.  Below is a picture of the Elderly Care Ministry group, and pictures from worship services at the different nursing homes.

ECM group final cheering 1024x682 About Us

Elderly Care Ministry members

cb 1 1024x682 About Us

Praise team leads the residents in singing of a hymn

cb 2 1024x683 About Us

Residents listen to the sermon during a worship service

occ 1 crop 1024x682 About Us

A member holds up the lyrics for a resident during the praise time

easter service 1024x680 About Us

Easter worship service

gb singing2 1024x682 About Us

Residents sing a hymn

gb msg 1024x682 About Us

A member preaches as the residents are listening